Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

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Re: Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

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I use Lightroom as my goto tool (vs. 3), and photoshop as assisting tool. Recently bought a Sony a7r iii - to get larger files mainly - around 42mb.
I use an old Imac (late 2009) 16 mb Ram at the moment (this is probably what I need to upgrade..) and am looking for a faster solution for external HD to store my Lightroom archives on. I am not sure what the fastest connection on the Imac is, but I use USB2..
I would think my first question would be - stay with the Imac or upgrade to a used Mac floor model. An upgrade is fine by my finances, but only if I need it. It is the load speed in lightroom I need to improve.
Also the external HD solution is up for an upgrade I believe - and is within budget as well.
I have very little knowledge on tech. My understanding boils down to: it is a choice related to future work - and the connection speed to the ext HD is the bottle neck.
I do no video work.

(backup solution: 2 external HD - #2 is a copy of #1. 1 cloud backblaze copy of #1).

I probably need to give you more info - but unsure of what - so pls ask! All help is greatly appreciated!!

Looking toward an Apple Mac Pro 2010 2.6 GHz 16‑Core Intel Xeon 32 mb ram and 480 ssd hd - this would be my choice of upgrade - but I am not sure of anything here

I would think that even with an ancient slow USB 2 connection that if you build 1:1 preview and/or use smart previews you can mitigate slow external storage. Since Lr Classic doesn't have to read the file itself to edit. And Lr usually loads previews, which should be stored on your boot drive, which is about as fast as you're going to if that's slow not much you can do but get a modern computer to match your modern camera.

So, basically, yes, that old computer and hardware attached to it will be a speed bottleneck. 45MB files, especially in raw, will tax most computers.

I don't think a 2010 computer is a good investment either. Try more recent models, especially the M1 Macs.

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