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Re: Do you understand how the ambassador program works?

ericbowles wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

ericbowles wrote:

Dave Black, Vincent Versace, and a number of other Nikon pros have gone completely to the Z7II and the Z6II. Both Versace and Black indicated to me a strong preference for the file produced by the Nikon cameras over anything else on the market. The quality of the image file has better color and better dynamic range.

You are seriously missing something here. You are talking about Nikon Ambassadors. For Nikon to survive they have to transition to ML. Nikon's Ambassadors have to be seen using the Z7ii and Z6ii. They have to adjust to any shortcomings.

As DenWil said -

"ML is the next thing. Advertisers and pundits told us so.

When everyone had their film kits the medium was stagnant , not inclusive, and sales lagged and then came digital to revitalize an industry. A decade or so later dumping mirrors and adding new mounts allow the manufacturers to sell sell sell all but identical replacement kits to the same people one more time. One more 35mm lens, one more 85mm lens...

The new system may be technically superior however so far I have not seen results so dynamic at a glance to justify the expense to anyone but gear heads whose thing is collecting the next piece of gear- not the folks in the middle of Mojave at 5AM prepared to shoot in the day's best light."

So how would Nikon pull this off without Nikon Ambassadors shooting Nikon ML gear?? Everyone has to be on board - manufacturers, advertisers, pundits, Ambassadors, forums. The only dire need to own ML is that manufacturers need to sell product and DSLRs have surpassed good enough long ago. There are likely tens of thousands of used and mint f mount lenses for sale at any particular time. When was the last time you saw a Zee mount 200 f2 or 300 2.8 for sale used?

Black is a sports and portrait photographer, and he indicated he has no problem getting the shots he needs with the Z7II.

There are certainly others that still like the performance of the D850 or D6 for specific needs. Marsel van Oosten is using a split system with the D850 for fast moving wildlife. The Z9 is expected to be a flagship body - above and beyond the D6 with excellent AF and high frame rate.

I'd expect a significant upgrade for the Z6II and Z7II with the September firmware release.

I am not an ambassador but I would think Nikon just wants them to use a Nikon.

I guess Joe just got kicked out of the program because he tagged one of his photos with #D6 based on your logic!!!

I would expect the photographers out there would have one of each - a DSLR and EVIL camera - that's how I shoot these days - they just aren't both Nikons for me.

They buy what they want and use what is needed to do the job. Nothing wrong with them using any camera they want. But they are moving at their own pace to Mirrorless. Most if not all Nikon Ambassadors are using Z cameras - some exclusively and some in combination depending on what they shoot.

Black is using the Z7II a pretty wide range of photography, but his kit is actually fewer cameras and lenses than many people here.

Nikon recruits ambassadors who use their latest offerings. Well, fancy that.

Look, the vast majority of photogs who shoot primarily with D4-D6 flagships and exotic F-mount glass haven't moved to the Z-series bodies and glass. In large part, it's because there is no Z-mount camera that qualifies as a flagship. That's why the visible Nikon presence in Tokyo is flagship F-mount bodies along with long, fast zooms and prime lenses by the dozens. It's what the vast majority of Nikon shooters working the games are using to cover the competition.

Are there exceptions? Are there Nikon shooters who are using Z6 or Z7 cameras as their primary bodies? Maybe...but they're the exception that proves the rule. For every individual photographer you mention who shoots sports or wildlife with a Z body, there are several still shooting with an F-mount DSLR. For every sports or wildlife photographer who applauds the Z-series autofocus performance, there are several who've field-tested the Z bodies for that work and found it not quite ready for prime time.

One reason Nikon shooters are both anticipating and a bit nervous about the Z9, is that no Z-camera to date has been equipped with an autofocus system that screams flagship performance. The D700, D300, D850, and D500 are not flagship bodies. But they were built with flagship autofocus systems. Nobody using those bodies questioned that the AF system in the D3 and D5 bodies would deliver flagship-level performance. The Zs - as good as they are - are not quite there, yet.

When the Z9 is officially released, Nikon will have their mirrorless flagship. When the reviews on the autofocus and video performance are out, we'll have a better sense of whether or not Nikon engineers have met the challenge. I am rooting for a win for Nikon on this one. I would love for the Z9 to challenge Sony and Canon flagships as having the best autofocus in mirrorless. If that happens, that tech will soon become available in models down the line from the Z9 and that will make the entire Z-series more compelling.

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