Reflector help

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TheMerchantofVenice Regular Member • Posts: 270
If you want economical to experiment with first ........

.......... try a piece of white foam core.

If you find that working with a reflector suits you then look for something more expensive. If you don't happen to have a willing assistant immediately at hand to hold the foam core it's easy to score and fold into a V shape that is freestanding.

If you need a BIG one you can do what this fellow did(I recommend watching with the sound turned off )

It 's REAL easy to dump a bunch of money into lighting (you can ask my wife how I know this ) and then learn/discover that you got the wrong thing/don't use it enough to justify the cost.

I'm getting a little better about buying this sort of stuff, and doing enough paid jobs (for which I use foam core myself) to offset a bit of the cost, but it took a while

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