Alcudia - Platja de Muro - sunrise

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Re: Alcudia - Platja de Muro - sunrise

jaggedhorizon wrote:

Lan wrote:

Lovely work as usual Cedric

I prefer the first one; and I think you made the right decision not to edit the people out, as I think they add an extra element of interest without being discordant.

The second one is lovely, but has suffered from the softening effects of heat haze. I think you could improve that significantly with Topaz Sharpen AI? If you're ok for me to post an edit using Topaz, I'd be happy to do so - let me know?

Well done on making two very different, and excellent, images from the same sunrise!

Many thanks Lan! Yes please, go ahead! I’ll have to buy that Topaz Sharpen AI, you’re working wonders with it!

For the right scenario, in the right hands there's nothing that can beat it.

I have another very different image, more of a street one (still in the same place and around the same time, though) - wonder whether to post it here or in the street forum.

Thank you Cedric! Here you go - I've also painted around the lighthouse a bit as it looked a little as if there was a halo around it:

Topaz Sharpen AI, some luma correction in the clouds over the sun, and a bit of painting in darken mode to reduce the appearance of haloes.

If you do post it on the street forum, please post a link here, as I don't read the street forum

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