help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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Re: help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

Labe wrote:

bridge77 wrote:

Labe wrote:

The 70 was worst bridge camera I ever used . I ended using a fz200 with a teleconverter and the inconveniences that introduced as it was a much better camera all round .

but do you think the 70 is light years better than my canon sx30?

i have looked at the specs and samples online and am more than happy with any FZ out there. if i need a better picture, my DSLR is up to the job, but generally it is about just 'getting the shot.

I since upgraded to the fz330 with teleconverter for faster performance, weather proofing.
A great upgrade .

Even the I zoom with teleconverter are usable giving 2040mm when needed.

Fz330 with teleconverter

Sorry I was referring to your original question about the fz70.

If your asking if the fz70 is better than your sx30 then I doubt it image wise , the noise reduction smearing of the JPEG’s and general softness ( at least in the 2 I tried) was disappointing.

you will have to shoot raw and post process .

but I wouldn’t even entertain the sx70 as there is no hot shoe .

for me it should be better. i have always wanted 1200mm and a high rate of fire, the FZ offers both with durability.

the price was twist your arm, but i will share that when it comes in. price is another reason to look at used Bridge Cameras. the price of a lower end bridge camera actually is less than the medium lenses for canon DSLR.

my FZ cost under 100, well under. sure sometimes some get DSLR's with lens for under 100, but not often. durability is good and no crying if lost/broken.

many of us are turning to phones and Bridge Cameras because most of our shooting is Everyday Boiler plate stuff. the FZ delivers.

Edit,  i like your tele extender.  what kind is that, and how is the IQ on that thing?  thanks.

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