help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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Re: help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

Dak on cam wrote:

bridge77 wrote:

arnoud venema wrote:

The usefull 20mm wide is nearly ignored.

I consider it a great value, specially in narrow spaces.

Most camera's stop at 24mm and have to use an adapter for this wide end.


yep, i was out shooting yesterday in tight corners at a museum. my kit lens on the canon had an 18-55, thanks very welcome on the FZ.

this is going to be a fun camera in anyway i can measure. the 1200mm begs for a tripod, but i would like to see what i can do without one, or just bring the mono pod.

i am already planning on selling the dslr, this is just one more reason to do so. thanks.

I'd wait with selling until the initial euphoria over new equipment has settled ("honeymoon is over") and you are in a position to evaluate what you get with either camera and what you want to be able to get on an ongoing basis.

that's true.  actually i have 2 canon DSLR's and one is enuf.  my canon XS isn't worth much so going to just keep that, it is fun to play with when IQ is more of an issue.  i like the rapid rate of fire of that camera and build quality.

the FZ is compact, huge telephoto, and rapid fire and great for every day carry.

mpb and roberts camera have a lot of nice used cameras for a fraction of new.  most of us don't need high end cameras, unless you are a Pro.  i enjoy all the low end photos here, it gives the rest of us hope to be able to turn out more with less.

the lower end cameras from sony/canon/nikon/panny are over built and there isn't much worry buying them used/refurb i find.  new cameras bring back the fun of shooting in the discovery phase.  i have never shot a panasonic camera; the camera could be here this week and should supply some new interesting experiences or great entertainment.

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