Monitor for Mac Mini 2020 M1

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Re: Monitor for Mac Mini 2020 M1

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Daverich04 wrote:

I'm interested in what might be appropriate settings for a larger monitor as well. I just received a NEC PA311D yesterday and haven't been able to quite work out the best resolution to set it to. Among other things I'm not quite sure what the System Report/Graphics Displays is telling me. I know that's not the actual resolution of the monitor and I'm not sure what the UI resolution is telling me. I have it set there because the full 4K resolution setting makes everything too small. Thanks.

For text work, set it to whatever looks good to you. For photo work, you will need to set it to 4K in order to get correct representation of 1:1 or 100% view of images.

Also, the report above indicates native resolution is roughly 18 megapixels, which cannot possibly be right.

It’s not right but I have no idea why System Report thinks that’s what it is.

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