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bob5050 wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

petreluk wrote:

However, I think near price parity between FF and APS-C knocks out a lot of the reasons for sticking with a smaller format, except for the extra reach for sports and wildlife.

Right. Particularly with a DSLR, there's such a difference - unless you go much pricier with the larger format.

From the other (APS-C) side of the aisle---

I never saw the K-1 as too expensive, I simply thought it too large/heavy to want to carry it for 12 hours while traveling, for an extra level of resolution I don't really need. And of course I do see the extra reach of APS-C for the same lens as an advantage.

So "price parity" doesn't really tend to bother me at all--for me it's a question of K-1 shooters and K-3 shooters wanting a slightly different optimization, and Pentax supporting both with the best they can do.

Another view from this side of the aisle...

I liked the idea of both small (KP) and flagship (K3iii) choices in APS-C.  Small, portable and un-intimidating is important to me.  And a more capable  body is available should I require more features or get back into "action" photography.

With FF, I hope Pentax can offer somewhat the same.  The Nikon D780 is about the same size as a K3iii so it can be done.  Then continue the K1 series with upgrades as the full featured "flagship."

If I personally wanted to "upgrade" to FF,  Pentax doesn't currently offer a body that I'd want.  The question remains if there's enough consumer demand in the DSLR category for all this.  Maybe.  We'll see....

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