Godox TT350 with Auto-ISO

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Re: Comparing Godox TT-350N to SB-300 won't work

BGD300V1 wrote:

I just checked them using the B&H compare tool.


The TT-350N is much, much more powerful than the SB-300

The guide number alone shows you that

SB-300 59' / 17.98 m at ISO 100

TT-350 118.11' / 36 m at ISO 100 (105 mm Position)

There are plenty of other significant differences

These specs are a lot trickier to interpret than you'd think. From what I could gather reading the SB-300 manual, it appears that Nikon gives its spec for an FX 27mm lens or a DX 18 mm lens. Notice that the Godox is for a lens setting for 105 mm (the narrowest beam the unit supports.) I couldn't readily determine whether the SB-300 supported variable focal length angle settings or not. But the guide number for the Godox would be significantly higher at 105 mm angle than at a 27 mm angle. I honestly don't know which unit produces more light. My only point is that it isn't always straightforward to figure that out from tables of data.

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