Strobes are losing their appeal ...

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Re: Strobes are losing their appeal ...

I think it never will.  It it all comes down how you photograph. Strobe has the huge advantage that you have a lot of power in a small package, that you can overpower and augment ambient light relatively easy (and now with HSS on most current camera/ strobe combos). Also, you actually can freeze motion at low ISO and get incredibly detailed pictures. As for the all the arguing for higher sensitivity, you’re getting more noise, and as for LED, while they’re great for the color and intensity variability you either have low output, which leads to higher sensitivity on your camera, or you need a lot of power and support (let alone cost) which is not available to most. We had an Arri S-360 on set the other day and while you’re getting some output, it’s still much easier to carry and rig an Octa, a strobe bitube head and 2 battery packs.

now as for resale, the majority of photographers never use these tools, even the simpler lower priced options, so the market is super small and getting smaller as most pros these days tend to rent all of their gear, missing out on that revenue stream, but that’s an individual decision depending on your revenue and time line.

I do keep my Profoto gear till it busts or there’s something that could be helpful for future assignments and so far, we’re doing fine.

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