Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

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ART70mm Re: Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

saab900 wrote:

I currently have a Panasonic system comprising of a Panasonic G9 and a Panasonic S1, I'm looking for a modern decent lens for scanning my film negatives.

I'm thinking of purchasing one or the other a Olympus 60mm macro for MFT which will only be used for macro but half the price.

Or sigma 105mm 2.8 which I can use for macro and portraits but costs double.

My real question is does the 60mm Olympus stack up against the sigma 105mm in resolution.

There is a third option which falls between the two in price, and approaches the 105mm in IQ:

The Sigma ART70mmF2.8 It is almost as new as the 105mm, and available directly in L-mount or in EF-mount* with the MC-21 providing AF/EXIF. Obviously a shorter working distance, and an SLR design (albeit very recent + advanced), but cheaper, lighter (605g vs 715g in L) and its handling compromises are less relevant for your use case.

On the other hand, the 105mm apparently surpasses the much-praised Sony GM135 in acuity, so perhaps it’s worth the extra.

Or perhaps the 60mm is perfectly sufficient, and light enough to spur more general utility.

*The EF version could potentially be used on the G9, too, if you are willing to buy an expensive electronic adaptor from Metabones etc - though, it has some eccentricities so check compatibility first.

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