X1iii, Mi11U, S21U & iP12 shootout at 70, 120 & 240mm!

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Re: X1iii, Mi11U, S21U & iP12 shootout at 70, 120 & 240mm!

Sorry about my explanation.

The Samsung at 240 mm is 10 MP with 1.22 qm. Where the Xiaomi, at 120 mm has a 48 MP sensor that is only 0.8 qm when it's not binned. So it has the resolution available when cropping, but with small sensor pixels.

If you compare at 3x (70-75nm)

The Xiaomi's main sensor has 50mp available with 1.4qm unbined. It's outputting 12mp images when shooting. So it should have enough resolution for digital zooming.

The Samsung is 10mp 1.22qm. so it has smaller sensor pixels and less resolution.

I think that Huawei is using the same approach with the new p50 pro and 3.5 X zoom using a 64 MP sensor.

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