G Master 600MM F/4 Love anyone..?

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Re: G Master 600MM F/4 Love anyone..?

grsnovi wrote:

It's not really asking them how their supply chain works is it?

If you called and said: I want to buy a G Master 600 lens and I can't find one, can you tell me who might have one that's not spoken for?"

And, No, I've never done this as I've never been looking for what is likely a (relatively) low volume/high dollar product.

If I understand your reply correctly sorry if I do not

I used to work for a camera store.. Generally speaking if I got a call and the caller said I am looking for a XYZ can you tell me who might have one not spoken for. That is impossible to know who has a waiting list and what stock levels are.

As a camera store I am only worried about my shop.. I am not sending business elsewhere I suggest you make some calls and send some emails. I can add you to our waiting list.

I cant imaging the manufacture saying we sent 5,000 units to this shop and 100 here and 800 there. It is also a HUGE security risk for bad people knowing .

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