What storage for and how to work with 4TB photo collection?

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Re: The cheap option

mkochano wrote:

Rambow wrote:

Simply buy a 6 tb hdd and attach it to your home computer. Any hdd is OK, but a wd red or seagate ironwolf is a bit more durable and have better access times. If you want speed, go with WD black.

Wouldn't switching to HDD cause a performance drop?

Theoretically, yes.  In practice, no.   You should get 100-150MB/s from a decent hard drive.  So even opening up a huge RAW file takes less than 1 second.    SSD might open it in 1/20 second and HDD in 1/3 second.   Either way you don't have time to blink.

Especially as manufacturers are using "shingled magnetic recording", often without revealing it in spec sheets?

This is an easy enough issue to work around for an educated buyer.  Just do your research.   Look for drives specifically labeled as CMR rather than SMR.  And google the model number and look for discussions about it.  You can generally find a good SMR drive.  If not, buy a clearly labelled desktop drive and put it in your own storage enclosure.

I don't bother with NAS drives, no need to yet. If you do paid work however a two drive NAS is good to have because the data is worth a lot more than the hardware used to store it, so...

I use Linux box with LVM for that purpose (two copies). I have more trust in OSS tools, often used by big companies, than in some low-volume, not very well tested software provided by NAS manufacturers.

Just one example: https://www.dpreview.com/news/9497620196/psa-western-digital-security-issues-go-beyond-the-my-book-live-series

Well Synology is pretty good about patching holes quickly, and $300 for a 220+ is cheaper than I can build a low power server for.  But if you only have Wi-Fi, you don't want to work from a NAS.  I have fast 867Mbps Wifi and 1000Mbps wired.  So you'd think Wi-Fi would be almost just as fast (87%).  But in practice it is more like 1/4 as fast due to latency, shared bandwidth, and half duplex nature of Wi-Fi.

You said this is a desktop computer in OP, do you not have room to add an internal large HDD?  If not, then external USB is the way to go.  Just do your homework and don't get stuck with an SMR drive.

Keep the server just for backups if you like.

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