Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

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Re: Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

Another thought: on scanning negs rather than general macro

since you want this to image 35mm? negatives, rather than pure macro where centre field is usually more important than the edges, then:

(1) you probably want to nearly fill the frame to get best utilisation of the sensor mpx. This means a repro of about 1:2 on the olympus cf 1:1 for the FF lens. This gives a larger working distance on the oly than the 120mm mwd at 1:1

(2) you need good corner sharpness and so low field curvature at the working aperture from the lens. They are probably both going to be OK but I do remember some comment on a copy of the 60mm from digilloyd about the 60 and field curvature. It’s difficult to tell from either sets of mtfs.

As people and I have said: the oly is an excellent macro lens however the requirements for repro graphics are slightly more taxing. Although I have several macro lenses including that 60mm oly, the only one I have used for neg/scanning reprographics is my nikkor 60mm af-d and that was designed specifically for that purpose.

Its a bit fiddly to test the oly for that ( and I only have a 16mpx em5 now in any case ) but maybe someone has used it for that purpose.

Still think the easiest/cheapest option is to try out the oly first. From using it ( at least my copy ) my bet is that it should be fine stopped down a bit if you need to.

A cheaper but still effective way would be to try a long FL lens with a good achromat ( most are good ) eg from marumi or a Canon or Nikon with the FL, focal distance and dioptres matched to fill frame ( there are macro calculators available on line for that ). Something like a 70-200 or even a 70-300 consumer zoom can work well or a good long prime - I use a 300/4 + nikon 6T but depends what lenses you have available in either of your systems.

edit just found this thread on using the oly 60 for digitising

goid luck


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