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You surely must get it

ericbowles wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

Nikon's Z9 needs to be a homerun MILC body; no doubt about it. The Z6II and Z7II are excellent mirrorless cameras...but don't quite demonstrate the flagship level of autofocus performance needed to attract Nikon's most demanding customers to the MILC platform. But they've delivered before and certainly know what their customers expect.

Dave Black, Vincent Versace, and a number of other Nikon pros have gone completely to the Z7II and the Z6II. Both Versace and Black indicated to me a strong preference for the file produced by the Nikon cameras over anything else on the market. The quality of the image file has better color and better dynamic range.

You are seriously missing something here. You are talking about Nikon Ambassadors. For Nikon to survive they have to transition to ML. Nikon's Ambassadors have to be seen using the Z7ii and Z6ii. They have to adjust to any shortcomings.

As DenWil said -

"ML is the next thing. Advertisers and pundits told us so.

When everyone had their film kits the medium was stagnant , not inclusive, and sales lagged and then came digital to revitalize an industry. A decade or so later dumping mirrors and adding new mounts allow the manufacturers to sell sell sell all but identical replacement kits to the same people one more time. One more 35mm lens, one more 85mm lens...

The new system may be technically superior however so far I have not seen results so dynamic at a glance to justify the expense to anyone but gear heads whose thing is collecting the next piece of gear- not the folks in the middle of Mojave at 5AM prepared to shoot in the day's best light."

So how would Nikon pull this off without Nikon Ambassadors shooting Nikon ML gear??  Everyone has to be on board - manufacturers, advertisers, pundits, Ambassadors, forums.  The only dire need to own ML is that manufacturers need to sell product and DSLRs have surpassed good enough long ago.  There are likely tens of thousands of used and mint f mount lenses for sale at any particular time.  When was the last time you saw a Zee mount 200 f2 or 300 2.8 for sale used?

Black is a sports and portrait photographer, and he indicated he has no problem getting the shots he needs with the Z7II.

There are certainly others that still like the performance of the D850 or D6 for specific needs. Marsel van Oosten is using a split system with the D850 for fast moving wildlife. The Z9 is expected to be a flagship body - above and beyond the D6 with excellent AF and high frame rate.

I'd expect a significant upgrade for the Z6II and Z7II with the September firmware release.

I'm sitting pretty with the best APS-C wildlife and sports body in production in my camera bag and am prepared to wait until the Z9 is released and fully reviewed before making a long-term decision about a future upgrade for what I shoot. To be fair, I'm not a Z9 customer. My preference would be to wait for a flagship APS-C body. If that doesn't happen...well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

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