S1 Battery issue - the continuing story

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Re: S1 Battery issue - the continuing story

John Vickers wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

This is a reprise of an old thread.

Did the battery drain issue of the S1 ever get sorted out? I have not followed that thread.

If I don’t use my S1 for more than a week the battery will be flat when I go to use it. This is a huge battery by battery size metrics and other cameras that I have don’t have that issue. This is the Panasonic oem battery I am talking about.

For example my Olympus E-M1does not get a lot of use and 3 or 4months since last switched on the battery is still showing “full charge”.

I can understand that some battery might be needed to keep some essential functions live - such as date. But this should be a micro current like other camera bodies and like my Olympus (with more compact battery) can be virtually not noticeable for months.

I can measure S1 load currents now.

If you have a use-case, I can tell you the current load.

In standby, LCD on, or off, I see a 5.2mA load.

Which seems [taboo intensifiers deleted] amazingly high.

Battery is 3Ah. At 5mA, it'll be flat in 25 days.

HDMI doesn't make much difference.

More later.

Thanks for the effort John, it is appreciated.

My issue is that i have many cameras. I can pull out my old Ricoh GRD after 12 months - just for the fun of it and the battery is still indicating full charge. I have already mentioned my Olympus E-M1 - maybe three months since i switched it on - still indicating full charge.

Other Panasonic bodies don’t seem to deplete their batteries seriously when not in use - but of course all batteries will lose some charge over time.  This is normal.

However I seem to be almost lucky to find my S1 with any charge at all after a period not in use (completely switched off).  I don’t diarise the use of my cameras but I can do some sort of estimate. On 21 July I took just four images that I can now bring up on playback - the battery then had a fair remaining charge (from memory) - just 10 days later I switched it on and the battery was 100% flat.  I don’t leave a camera lying about left with a low battery charge - I usually replace it with a fresh charged one and I have (expensive) oem batteries - they are physically large - the largest type of digital camera batteries I have ever owned.  We cannot throw “rotten clone batteries” accusations about.

I don’t think it is “just me” any more as this has been a continuing case for some time. I did not follow the earlier thread “Massive Battery Drain” on this subject.

Ha ha - just switched it on to catch its recent fresh battery unawares - it was sill indicating fully charged (nuts!).   The battery seems to last quite well when the camera is actually being used.  The issue is why does it drain away so completely so that after a certain amount of time it cannot even be woken up when simply parked completely closed down ….   Or…. Is the battery still ok, but for some reason reluctant to wake up if the camera has not been used for a while?    Presumed depleted? ….. strange.

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