3 Wetlands, 7 Bird Species, 2 Reptiles, Mammal & Amphibian (7/31/21)

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3 Wetlands, 7 Bird Species, 2 Reptiles, Mammal & Amphibian (7/31/21)

A mix up of all kinds of random stuff for this thread - covering a few more shots to wrap up March 27th, and then on to April 2nd, and spread out over three different wetlands - my usual two spots of Green Cay and Wakodahatchee, plus a visit farther north and west to Peaceful Waters.

All shots taken with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G OSS lens, and are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view the original sizes:

Starting with ducks where you don't expect them - in a tree.  These two black-bellied whistling ducks decided to get out of the water, and perch on a branch in the shade to have an afternoon nap without worrying about an alligator snatching them up for lunch!

And a bug too, to add to the diverse mix for this post.  The 200-600mm isn't a 'closeup' lens like the 100-400mm, but having 600mm of reach on a crop sensor means you can still do some pretty decent near-macro - like with this dragonfly at the end of a reed - enough to still make out the eye grid

This younger green iguana perched itself up on a fallen pine branch, to get a nice look around the levee while getting some sun

The stunning male wood duck, showing off his full color spread against the green duckweed covered pond

Here's the male wood duck with a female companion - not as colorful, but still pretty in her own way

We mostly get tree swallows down here, but occasionally some others will visit - this northern rough-winged swallow was also doing something swallows NEVER do for me - just sitting still in a tree!

The waters were very shallow - but don't think that means a human could go walk out there in the flats - even this tiny, light black-necked stilt was sinking down inches into the loose mud under the water, bringing up great mud 'boots' every time he walked.  A person out there would probably sink up to their chest!

I've included frogs in many of my recent posts - so might as well keep the streak alive - here's another pig frog popping up through the algae

April is the time of chicks - bird chicks that is, and no species has more nests than the wood storks at Wakodahatchee.  These three chicks were all waiting for mom to pass down some food -those are her legs towering over them

But mom needed a rest, as did all the other wood storks around - so they let the chicks squawk and yell, and simply ignore them.

Meanwhile, on a nearby island, a different bird had just hatched from the egg - the great egret chicks, just a few days old at this point

To keep the diversity going, here's the mammal for the thread - a march rabbit busy eating the reeds and grasses

I promised two reptiles and 7 bird species - and so far I've only posted 1 and 6.  So this shot covers both bases - a great blue heron as the 7th species, and a banded watersnake in the unfortunate role of lunch

Giving the snake a toss, to get a better grip around the neck

Ah yes, that will do!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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