Helios 44-2 fake?

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Re: Helios 44-2 fake?

Thank you everyone for your replies. I thought they all had aperture pins because my 44m-7 copy does idk why I thought they all did and I couldn't find any others with the production year of 88. But I can't see anyone profitting from a fake helios 44-2. But I have seen others who had gotten 44-2s that were not genuine on YouTube. Naturally my paranoid self thought maybe I was duped! When in reality I think I just got a really good deal on a sweet lens. Thanks to all !

Nickyvidz89 wrote:

So I just got a Helios 44-2 in today from ebay for a very low price but I thought I'd take the chance. But after receiving it I now have my doubts. There's no aperture pin in the back which I thought all the Helios 44-2s have. And the serial number starts with 88 I can't find any other ones with those starting numbers. Was I fooled?

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