What storage for and how to work with 4TB photo collection?

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Re: What storage for and how to work with 4TB photo collection?

mkochano wrote:


I have around 4TB of photos from many years kept on network computer (+backup).

I keep files from every "job" in separate collection.

When I finish work I move collection from my desktop computer to network computer. I have small SDD in the desktop.

When I need to reach for older collection I copy it to my desktop.

This workflow has this advantage that I work with files on fast SDD and archive them on cheaper HDD.

But this becomes less and less practical for two reason:

  1. It seems I need to reach for some older collections more often.
  2. I moved to other place and I no longer have gigabit ethernet - now I'm on WiFi (I tried many things to speed it up).

So in practice I spend quite some time copying collections and switching between them. Clearly waste of time.

I'd prefer to have a single collection with all files (or only few collections) to easily reach for older files and I'd prefer to have it on my workstation for quick access.

Personally I'm not big fan of NASes, because they are absurdly expensive and because there is a lot of security problems with them.

What is your workflow?

What storage do you use?

My volume of Photo files are not as large as discussed (mine is around 2 TB) that covers many years.
I have Operating System and installed programs on a SSD. My others are High capacity 24/7 type Hard Drives. I keep all Photos on one drive that is attached to the computer, same files on another physical Hard Drive NOT attached but at my work site, another with same files in my Lock Box. I keep my Backup current for the 3 drives to have same files

I have 5 Physical drives with 11 partitions on line with the computer.
When I need past Files or Groups of files, I copy them from the 2 TB on line drive to the active processing drive.

This is a very basic explanation but it hes worked well for me for several years.

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