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john isaacs wrote:

brucet wrote:

Simple question - Has the pandemic and lockdowns/restrictions helped or hindered your photography?

For me it's less use of the camera but more use of the software and editing I've done while at home. Maybe the silver lining, for me at least, is a better understanding of the editing software I have.

Major hindrence.

I cancelled all of our scheduled travel; anything involving planes, trains, or boats, as well as big cities. Been rescheduling driving trips to rural areas, but it's been a very costly setback.

Cancelled all of the weddings and events (if they weren't already cancelled). I've shot just one wedding since the beginning of 2020.

I've done one studio portrait session since the beginning of 2020.

I have no idea when or if I'll be back to shooting on contract.

Personally I think the economy well be massively changed - it is right not at least. Spending patters are much different. Have yet to adapt.  If things where well would have bought a replacement camera for two of my broken cameras, now I am holding off.

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