The end of the compact camera

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Re: I believe the low end sub $400 is dead

Aaron801 wrote:

Redhenry wrote:

jaberg wrote:

Certainly you’re not the only one who doesn’t carry a phone. But I’d bet you’re a significant minority. And the delta of like-minded that also want a camera would be smaller still.

True, and I'm in the minority for quite a long list of things - I like jazz and a lot of modern art, I'm not wild about hot weather, have little interest in sport, don't have children or pets, am a bit of a tree-hugger who doesn't do flying or cruises. Still, it's cocktail night chez Redhenry and it's Gibsons this week so I'm quite happy with my lot!

I'm with you on a lot of those things, though I do use a cell phone and fly occasionally (I've never been interested in cruises though) and am a dog lover. Dig jazz though (and lots of other music, including lots of the popular stuff) but don't follow sports or have kids... and though I use a cell phone (I play with it too much, actually), I don't feel the need to use the latest and greatest tech and I don't really use it much as a camera.

I'm not exactly a luddite, but I don't really get the whole obsession that so many folks have having the latest tech. Even a few generations ago of technology probably does more than most folks actually need it to. I try not to forget the magic of all of this tech. I still use my trusty iPod even though it's kind of old tech by now, but to me even after so many years that I've had the thing, it's incredible to me how much it does and how much information it stores in such a tiny, perfectly designed package. Ditto, for digital camrea tech - why stress on owning the latest and greatest (and go into debt doing so!), when the tech was already so advanced even a few years ago...?

The marketers and advertisers are having a field day.  They're chum-baiting people on the TV, the phone, the computer, the smart fridge, the Alexa devices, and so on. They and their sycophantic youtube influencers whip the hoi polloi into a frenzy with an endless cavalcade of leaks, unboxings, and "review" videos that are nothing more than ill-disguised shilling.

Apart from tech, they're doing the same thing with clothes, cars, shoes, and just about everything else. A few years back, skinny low-riding jeans were in vogue; now, they're  pushing high waisted, wide-legged jeans that they once said were gauche.

The hordes eat it all up. They're chasing cool, you see. Nothing else matters.

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