help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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Re: help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

thinkinginimages wrote:

Let me get this out of the way: all FZ's have image stabilization and interchangeable batteries. I've never owned/used the FZ70 but I have owned several FZ's and still use my FZ200.

This all comes down to expectations. I've had Canon SX's and the JPEG's are "punchy" (a bit over saturated to my eye). Panasonic's JPEG's are more muted/natural at the Normal setting. You may have to jump to Vivid.

Since the FZ70 is out of production, if you find one used, check out the return policy. I use KEH because of their excellent return policy

thanks. the used Panasonic bridge cameras are a lot easier on the wallet then Canon anything. i found a couple FZ used and may jump on that this week.

vivid, hmm may have to check that out. actually that is a nice feature. among family and friends well their attitude mostly is 'shut up and shoot'........just kidding of course but close, actually i have no critics.......except: "did you get the shot".

yeah i think with the FZ anything 'i got the shot'.

Edit, just ordered a used FZ off the net, details when it comes in.  thanks for all the help, the canons have gone way up in price, so time for a switch.

i wanted 1200mm and faster frames per second and the FZ delivers on that.  also durability is there with replaceable battery.  perhaps canon/nikon/sony has some least i think so...of course they all make digital photography great imho.

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