Not a Mirrorless in sight….

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Re: Not a Mirrorless in sight….Doesn't matter


I've been in the business 50 years, been with Nikon for 35 years ( back when you had to show a body of work to get on the NPS program not pay a fee) and I've been to events where I just had to show my NPS card and they gave me the gear I wanted. As for ML vs DSLR it doesn't matter, all that matters is, Get the Shot!! If you have to put the camera between your butt cheeks and click the shutter just Get the Shot. Doesn't matter what brand of camera, Get the Shot. I know people who use Nikon, Canon, and Sony and from what I understand Sony is in the repair tent more than out. They may be wrong, but who knows, I'm not there. wish I was, but at 70 I'm somewhat happy watching it on TV. Somewhat. Bottom line Get the Shot!!

Be Safe and Enjoy it goes by fast

Roger J.

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