What storage for and how to work with 4TB photo collection?

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OK, but a 4 tb ssd has an effective capacity of around 3.6 tb and OP said he already has 4 tb of images, which automatically means he needs a 5-6 tb ssd which is what, $1000?

Do they even make a 5 tb ssd??

But wait, there's more. Assuming everything fits on a 4 tb ssd, what will OP do when he needs to add more images? Spend another 5-600 dollars on another drive?

It is never recommended filling 100% of the space of the ssd/hdd, so basically any 4 tb drive has an efficient space of around 3 tb, after formatting you end up with around 3.6 tb of space from which at least 10% needs to remain free of data in order to avoid a premature death of the ssd/hdd.

Meanwhile an average 8 tb hdd is around $170. Not only you get enough space for existing files, but you also prepare for the future.

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