Best economic choice for wide angle on an RP?

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Re: Best economic choice for wide angle on an RP?

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Fjzk wrote:

Are there any 3rd party zoom options that work well with the adapter? Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, etc.

I am also in the hunt for a decent FF wide angle zoom in the $600-900 price range. For now, for landscape shoots, I am taking my M50 with the 11-22 plus the RP with a RF24-105 and EF 70-300II, which is working well but then you have 2 bodies, 2 different sensors, download photos from. 2 cards, etc.

Hope Canon releases the RF18-45 soon…little more range in the long end than my apsc 11-22.

Within your specified price range, the EF 16-35 f4.0L IS is the one to get. I like my 17-40 f4.0L a lot, but mine is definitely a minority opinion. It is a lot cheaper though, $450-ish, used.

Here is one (of many) I have taken at 17mm with it.

Looks really good to me, I am a hobbyist who doesn’t pixel peep too much, so this lens would be good enough to me although the edge performance for the price from the 11-22 got me a little spoiled. I am hoping the 18-45 will match that somehow.

Twisted tree, probably from a tornado

I find my 17-40 f4.0L fully satisfies my needs in UWA photography. Just my opinion.

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