Safe distance between last element and mirror in Nikon

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Re: Safe distance between last element and mirror in Nikon

Two things to study before getting into this- the conversion of an M42 Helios prime lens to Nikon F, and the conversion of Minolta MD lenses to Canon EF. Both are viable and relatively popular, and give you an understanding of both ends of the process.

Lens mount conversions like this require some amount of wiggle room from the body, lens or mount.

The body might be an APS-C camera, so focusing screen and mirror might be further back, or recessed in some way.

The lens body construction might be able to be cut back effectively for whatever reason, or more importantly be of a longer focal length and/or have the rear element far from the mount. This last part is pretty important!

Finally, the camera mount might be conveniently larger than mount of the lens you want to adapt.

When doing MD 50mm to Nikon F, on each of these three points you lack any wiggle room- short focal length, element sticks out, Nikon F mount narrow and further away.

To actually answer your question- note how far the focusing screen comes out to behind the mount, where the pins are below for example- thats your 'hard limit' you can't have the rear element go past. The bottom of the mirror has to come to this position.

But importantly, the mirror might come forward a bit whilst swinging up, so you'd have even less room to play with!

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