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Smaller wasn't and isn't better

m_black wrote:

Nikon never said mirrorless was about small size. Olympus did, 12 years ago or so, as a way to spin their new system. That said, the Z9 looks to be only a little taller than an ungripped D850. Your contempt for something you haven't used is just funny now. Every four months or so I poke my head in this forum to see what's going on and your message is the same. At least you are consistent!

With a bigger lens mount and flange opening the Nikon Z may offer advantages in new lens designs.

Olympus never was smaller with their DSLRs. I had the E-3 and E-5 for a number of years.  It wasn't smaller. Only the telephoto lenses were smaller due to the crop factor. The Zuiko 7-14 mm, equivalent to the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8, was only slightly smaller than the Nikon. Olympus did make great lenses though.

BTW, Consistency is an important part of quality. Some of us just find new ways to say the same thing. Most of us here on the Nikon FX SLR forum aren't enamored with the mirrorless offerings from any of the major players. That may change if the Z9 answers all our needs and matches the focus and optical viewfinder quality of the DLSRs, among other things.

I do like the live histogram on my Olympus Camedia C8080 and the first live view instant shutter Olympus created with the E-330. I used both of these in Ikelite housings for underwater photography.

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