Using f32 on a crop sensor camera for max dof

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Re: Using f32 on a crop sensor camera for max dof

Andrewcn wrote:

I’m quite new to macro photography

but one of the issues I struggle with is maximising dof.

What would the results be like if I tried using a macro lens at f32 on an apsc camera? For example using a tamron 90 macro lens on a Nikon d7500. Mike Moats often does this and gets excellent results, although he does use a sharpening tool in post.


I agree with the post that you have to try to see where *your* limits are. Much of it also comes to screen resolution/viewing size. If you are just posting on IG or Facebook, etc, it's not such a huge deal. The bottom line is even amongst those of us who are more seasoned shooting macro (at 1x mag+), we tend to disagree on this subject. I personally don't like to push it past about f/10 (f/20 effective) on my 80d with 100 2.8L. F/8 with tubes added. But I also pick apart my images on a new imac screen.

In summary, there *is* a difference. Identify that difference and make your own decision.

Just be careful you don't mistake other side effects for diffraction. i.e smaller aperture = less light = slower shutter speed or higher flash power/longer burst which can cause tiny amounts of motion blur making the image look softer and can easily be confused for diffraction softening.

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