When do use tripods?

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The responses are as varied as personalities, and that is expected.

Responses indicate three reasons:

1. Longer shutter speeds (small aperture, low light, ND, polarizers) that will or could have IQ impact if hand held.

2. Multiple captures requiring matched framing.

3. Composition mindfulness and/or precision.

With #3 more of a personal consideration.

Two other reasons:

- Sometimes, you set up a shot and then have to wait for peak light (at sunset, for example). With a tripod, you can just leave your camera on the tripod with your (hopefully) final composition and relax a bit, watching the light change.

I would do the same, just watching and analyzing a composition; and then shoot when I like the situation, say from a high mountain camp. No tripod is necessary for this.

Necessary? Who said anything. about necessary? The question was - when do people use tripods, even with shorter exposure times? This is a very valid scenario. I've seen it play out many times out in the wild.

Well, my car has an ashtray and I don't need that either. A very valid scenario for me is the experience of shooting out of doors for the past seven years with this system. That should suffice and no speculation is required either.

I never said that your experiences & approach are invalid. In fact, I do respect the minimalist approach, and practice it myself when I think the situation suits it. But you, on the other hand, do seem to be saying that my experiences and approach (and that of many others) are invalid. Not sure why you feel the need to do this, but OK.

Your use of "minimalist approach" here is condescending. I never said anything denigrating your approach, just that my experience is different. If you look at my first post in this thread you will immediately see that I recognize a difference between shooting "close to the car" and well away from it. The advantage of having mobility in landscape shooting is that there are literally millions or billions of different compositions that one would encounter over time if one is always watching and appreciating nature. Having the "best light" is a different thing and sometimes requires multiple trips and sometimes is not possible logistically at all.

- Often, wildlife shooting involves heavy lenses and, again, waiting for that perfect moment. A tripod with a good head is invaluable here.

That depends on the system. Many new adopters of the Oly 300 F4 (600) and brand new 150-400 (300 to 900) cite the beauty of a system that is designed not to be used with a tripod.

Hmmm. The 150-400 comes with a tripod foot. So I'm not sure why you say it is designed NOT to be used with a tripod - clearly it is.

Mobility and flexibility of being able to quickly shoot in a different direction or to be able to quickly follow a flying bird is extremely valuable in wildlife shooting, particularly birds.

Sure, fine. Again, this thread is about when a tripod is useful, not about when it is not.

When I am up in Rocky Mountain National Park photographing Elk during the rut - along with dozens of others, LOL - the majority of us use tripods. And yes, the 150-400 would be AMAZING in this scenario, but at 1.8 kg, I'm sure I'd be using a tripod with it.

I have the 300 F4 and have used it for two years with no thought of needing a tripod. The 150-400 is so well balanced and light that those that use it are not using it with a tripod. Folks like David Tipling, Petr Bambousek https://www.sulasula.com/en/olympus-150-400mm-4-5-tc-in-costa-rica/, and Andy Rouse. There are also all sorts of threads on m4/3 from more typical folks using the new lens....no mention of tripods at all.

With the 300 (or 150-400) the only times I think I might use a tripod are for video or from a hide. I don't really do the latter.

Tripods with this system and for birding/wildlife are essentailly something one could carry for exercise, but would likely not use.

Well, I use a tripod with a Sigma 100-400, which is lighter than the Oly 300 F4. So, I'm confident I would use it with a m43 system as well. Sure, the 300 is better balanced, but sooner or later, as the day continues on, weight it weight.

Well, if you feel confident in saying that; your use of this system would fall in the lower 10th percentile of users of the above mentioned lenses. When I shoot wildlife I am likely to walk through an area with a lot of birds and a shot might suddenly appear in any direction at any time, and is likely to be short-lived. It is sort of like "the early bird catches the worm". A tripod for these shots would merely be an encumbrance. At a hide or a feeder, or perhaps even for birds on water it might be different.

The other "wildlife" I have started to shoot more often (seven times this month) is wild bees. Although I can put myself in the best locations for shooting, the action can happen in multiple directions and is very, very quick - so quick in fact that even acquiring nearly instant autofocus and then pressing the shutter is too slow. At the suggestion of another I am now going to start using MF, roughly presetting focus and then watching for the "action" to appear in focus (moving my body). This appears to be a touch quicker. Birding for me is similar but not quite at that level of necessity in quick shooting.

Again, why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that different people have different needs and/or preferences?

Why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that your experience is for your system and may be entirely out of whack with a different system, which benefits from mobility.

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