When do use tripods?

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Re: When do use tripods?

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The responses are as varied as personalities, and that is expected.

Responses indicate three reasons:

1. Longer shutter speeds (small aperture, low light, ND, polarizers) that will or could have IQ impact if hand held.

2. Multiple captures requiring matched framing.

3. Composition mindfulness and/or precision.

With #3 more of a personal consideration.

Two other reasons:

- Sometimes, you set up a shot and then have to wait for peak light (at sunset, for example). With a tripod, you can just leave your camera on the tripod with your (hopefully) final composition and relax a bit, watching the light change.

I would do the same, just watching and analyzing a composition; and then shoot when I like the situation, say from a high mountain camp. No tripod is necessary for this.

Necessary? Who said anything. about necessary? The question was - when do people use tripods, even with shorter exposure times? This is a very valid scenario. I've seen it play out many times out in the wild.

Well, my car has an ashtray and I don't need that either. A very valid scenario for me is the experience of shooting out of doors for the past seven years with this system. That should suffice and no speculation is required either.

- Often, wildlife shooting involves heavy lenses and, again, waiting for that perfect moment. A tripod with a good head is invaluable here.

That depends on the system. Many new adopters of the Oly 300 F4 (600) and brand new 150-400 (300 to 900) cite the beauty of a system that is designed not to be used with a tripod.

Hmmm. The 150-400 comes with a tripod foot. So I'm not sure why you say it is designed NOT to be used with a tripod - clearly it is.

Mobility and flexibility of being able to quickly shoot in a different direction or to be able to quickly follow a flying bird is extremely valuable in wildlife shooting, particularly birds.

Sure, fine. Again, this thread is about when a tripod is useful, not about when it is not.

When I am up in Rocky Mountain National Park photographing Elk during the rut - along with dozens of others, LOL - the majority of us use tripods. And yes, the 150-400 would be AMAZING in this scenario, but at 1.8 kg, I'm sure I'd be using a tripod with it.

I have the 300 F4 and have used it for two years with no thought of needing a tripod. The 150-400 is so well balanced and light that those that use it are not using it with a tripod. Folks like David Tipling, Petr Bambousek https://www.sulasula.com/en/olympus-150-400mm-4-5-tc-in-costa-rica/, and Andy Rouse. There are also all sorts of threads on m4/3 from more typical folks using the new lens....no mention of tripods at all.

With the 300 (or 150-400) the only times I think I might use a tripod are for video or from a hide. I don't really do the latter.

Tripods with this system and for birding/wildlife are essentailly something one could carry for exercise, but would likely not use.

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