When do use tripods?

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Re: When do use tripods?

georgehudetz wrote:

All good points.

Thank you.

I will simply add that even when using as tripod, one should find the desired composition while hand-holding the camera. Much more creative freedom, and if you lock into a tripod too quickly, you may never see that better composition.

Yes absolutely - find the composition first hand-held, work out where the camera needs to be, then try to replicate the position and angle on the tripod. Sometimes this can be difficult though, which my point #4 was about - it's easy to end up with slight changes in position and angle which you either don't notice at the time or think don't matter, but later you realize that they actually do! That's my experience anyway.

So yes - one of the skills of tripod use is to find ways of accurately replicating the initially chosen position and angle.

And, of course, if your desired comp does not allow a tripod, then you just rely on other skills & tech.


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