The end of the compact camera

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Re: I believe the low end sub $400 is dead

Ed B wrote:

Kokopelli_Rocks wrote:

I think high end compact cameras- say $800-1500+ are still viable for a few higher end models. I think the low end is dead and just a few remnants remain. Why buy small sensor camera when you can just use a phone.

Honestly I think the entire sub $1000 dedicated camera market is on life support. Mainly due to economics. A company has to sell in large volumes to make the market viable. For the casual photographers their smartphones are good enough for their needs.

I agree with you about the lower spec cameras being on life support and it seems like this pandemic has also contributed to the demise of the less expensive cameras.
Time marches on and everything changes but I don't think I could ever enjoy using a cell phone, as a camera.

I will admit that I basically stopped using a DSLR, quite a wile ago, and started using the much smaller fixed prime lens cameras but to give up a proper camera, all together, is something I don't like to even think about.

A few years ago I bought a Sony RX100III for a trip to Universal. I love the size and it came with a nice leather case. Many at the park (5 years ago) and DSLRs and Super zooms. For the rides they all had to go and secure their cameras in lookers and this took quite a bit of time depending on the ride. Me I could easily slip the Sony in my jeans pocket. I  have since used the camera on trips to Europe and Asia. Generally I am going for work, but have a good amount of personal time.  So easy to throw the camera in my backpack.

That said I just started getting serious about photography and bought a Canon R5. Nice size and the camera is a joy to use.

I still use the Sony and my Samsung Note for a lot of pictures.  Sometimes you need a easy to reach camera.

The business side of the camera market has shifted with Smartphones taking over the low end market - even the low end SLR market.  Companies used volume sales in the sub $1K market to fund a lot of their camera profits.  Now the companies are having to make their profit margins with higher prices on the higher end models.

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