What to choose for photography? G95 (90) or G9

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Re: What to choose for photography? G95 (90) or G9

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Where can I find 1st info regarding different sensors (20mp vs 20 mp) on Panasonics different models? Any good source around for this?

I had the G80…tried the G90 (BF bargain in nov)... Returned it (a mistake!) got the old (too old!) Sony a7 II...sold it...wanted something smaller... and got the (hated?) G100. Love it for stills primary, but missing Ibis. Now looking at either G90 again or the G9, but will Keep the G100. I really wish there was a m43 camera on the smaller side with Ibis. Is that the GX9 then? But with worse evf in 16:9 format and kind of bigger?

Great post and info in this thread! ⭐

E-M5 iii is smaller with very good IBIS and weather resistant too. I like the GX9 (have to say I only used the E-M5 ii, but they look roughly the same in design) Stabilisation on the Panasonic isn't as effective, but the evf is fine once the optional extended eyepiece is attached. Taken my GX9 all over Northern Europe and still use it regularly three or four years on since I bought it

You also have to bear in mind the price difference when comparing the two. When the E-M5 iii is cheaper I will probably give it a try.

At the last Olympus refurbished sale I picked up an Olympus OM E-5iii and have been testing it out. I wanted a back-up to my Panasonic that was weather resistant. So far I really like this camera. It is small, light and has live composite which my Panasonic does not have.  I think I am going to like my purchase.

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