Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

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Re: Marco full Frame or MFT Sigma 105mm or Olympus 60mm

PhotonBeam wrote:

Not sure which is best for your use case, but below are a couple from the Olympus 60mm that I like. I am a happy with the quality.

Very nice!

Your 3D subject brings to mind another issue, if the OP is also interested in other uses beyond his film digitizing. How do his two cameras compare in focus bracketing and/or stacking capabilities?

I know the Oly OM-D E-M1ii & iii have all sorts of bracketing and stacking capability. But I'm not sure about the OP's Pany S1 and G9. I think the S1 has those abilities from the full sensor. But on some of the Pany MFT cameras, I seem to recall it only being a JPEG result synthesized from a 4K sequence? But I'm not at all sure. Perhaps worth checking out, as an influence on purchase decision.

And whatever the bracketing/stacking capabilities of the two cameras, I'm not sure it works with other manufacturers' lenses, which is his situation. I know the Oly OM-D E-M1ii only does bracketing/stacking with SOME Oly lenses (which does includes the 60mm), and have no idea whether (whatever the G9's focus bracketing/stacking capabilities) it works with the Oly 60mm. Likewise, no idea whether whatever the Pany S1 capabilities, they work with the Sigma macro.

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