Not a Mirrorless in sight….

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Incorrect. Nikon's main business is in industrial optics. And that has picked up substantially since Covid. As industries, especially Electronics, are scrambling to pick up the parts of their operations which are completely screwed up in China.

I have not bought anything from Nikon Imaging since 2018. I'm sticking with F mount and my nice collection of lenses going all the way back to 1971 (a pre AI 85/1.8). I have no plans for acquiring anything else unless they make a Df2. And, no, the Zfc isn't good enough to be a Df2.

However, I have now spent just shy of 4 million dollars on industrial optics since March 2020. So, Nikon is making plenty off me.

How much have you spent with Nikon that same timeframe? And I won't split hairs with F   Z mount or even just Nikon Imaging. Feel free to add in what you've spent with all Nikon's divisions.

The fact is, both the F and the Z mount and the SLRs and MILCs are profitable products for Nikon. It matters not which anyone buys. And all of those products are capable tools. Pick the ones which work best for you.

I can say that the microscope camera which uses the D4 sensor is wonderful on a trinocular microscope for working with microelectronics. Just what we needed when we needed it.


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