What Are Your Voting Criteria?

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Re: What Are Your Voting Criteria?

hampshirejohn wrote:

I can't add much to the discussion on voting methods, other than to note I agree with the concensus of replies so far. But it prompts 2 supplementary questions.

First, do you find your votes spread reasonably widely across the whole range, or do you end up clustered in the middle with only the occasional 0.5/1 and 4.5/5? Do you award similar numbers of 2s, 3s, 4s or do 2.5/3s predominate?

It seems to follow a bell curve for me -- 3's predominate with very few 1's and 5's.

Second, and partly related to this, do you vote in an absolute or relative sense? in other words, if you feel a challenge has an above average standard of entries, do you find you have awarded more marks towards the top end? And conversely if you think the overall standard is lower, that you have awarded more lower marks.

I tend to vote relative to the entries, more or less. Usually, I will do a quick pass through all the entries before I start voting, just to see what the range is.  Some challenges may skew a little higher and some a little lower.

If I voted on an absolute level, the marks would probably be much lower. I judge painting shows sometimes, and you really have to work within the range of what is submitted.

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