Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

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Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom


I use Lightroom as my goto tool (vs. 3), and photoshop as assisting tool. Recently bought a Sony a7r iii - to get larger files mainly - around 42mb.
I use an old Imac (late 2009) 16 mb Ram at the moment (this is probably what I need to upgrade..) and am looking for a faster solution for external HD to store my Lightroom archives on. I am not sure what the fastest connection on the Imac is, but I use USB2..
I would think my first question would be - stay with the Imac or upgrade to a used Mac floor model. An upgrade is fine by my finances, but only if I need it. It is the load speed in lightroom I need to improve.
Also the external HD solution is up for an upgrade I believe - and is within budget as well.
I have very little knowledge on tech. My understanding boils down to: it is a choice related to future work - and the connection speed to the ext HD is the bottle neck.
I do no video work.

(backup solution: 2 external HD - #2 is a copy of #1. 1 cloud backblaze copy of #1).

I probably need to give you more info - but unsure of what - so pls ask! All help is greatly appreciated!!

Looking toward an Apple Mac Pro 2010 2.6 GHz 16‑Core Intel Xeon 32 mb ram and 480 ssd hd - this would be my choice of upgrade - but I am not sure of anything here

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