help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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Re: help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

bridge77 wrote:

the sx30 is slow, we went to the fair recently and the one frame per second wasn't fun, so i switched to my canon xs beater camera with kit lens to get the job done, the canon xs was like a machine gun in comparison. this camera with the FZ 80 is probably all i need and thinking of selling my Canon T3i and basket of lenses because of non use.

There are somewhat mixed reviews and opinions of the FZ80.  It has enough tradeoffs in return to the high-pixeled reach (like diffraction, a serious need for good light, a lower effective resolution for reasonable sharpness and image quality than what the pixel count would suggest, an autofocus that is reported to have a less than perfect accuracy for the very long reach) that it would hardly seem to comfortably fit in the "sell all my other equipment" category.

Which is a high bar, of course.

Setting aside image quality properties that there is no real consensus about in the forum, you would not want to use the FZ80 for shots with indoor lighting except in a pinch, never mind the purported (distortion correction has a lot of work to do) 20mm equivalent focal width: the effective resolution you can hope for when higher ISO values are needed is just not that great.

In the "utilise less than stellar light" department, a "basket of lenses" tends to do quite a better job than a compact camera can really aspire to, at least once you get to moderate zoom ranges.

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