Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

Started Oct 31, 2003 | Discussions thread
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For those that value product over process

Jim Rickards wrote:

I think the G500/10D comparison was stretching things a bit, but G500 vs 7i has credibility at comparable focal lengths.

Both are fine cameras, and yes, you can compare them, same as the
Rolls and the Yugo. (Yugo wins on economy and ease of parking for
example) But as I asked in my first post, why compare them? They
are not likely to be side by side on anyone's short list.

Unlike cars, for most people, the end product is the goal of photography, not how you got there. Sure, it might make you feel like a better photographer if you had to tweak a bunch of settings before taking the shot, but if a smaller, less featured model produces the same shot at the same or better quality with less effort, then the comparison is entirely valid. Why would anyone that intends to take the same type of shots that both cameras are capable of want to spend more and get inferior results?

Let me qualify my comments by stating that my background in photography started with fully manual exposure and focus Nikon SLRs and I never use fully automatic mode on my digicams, prefering instead aperture priority with lots of EV compensation. But I would never look down on a camera that produces the same quality with much less fuss.

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