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Re: Dill Pickles

Yeah, you do need a wiring diagram, Andrew.  Why would the entire output of the alternator, if it is an alternator, run through the ignition switch?  If it is an electro magnet alternator, like in a modern car, the magnets need to be excited by the battery to make current.  That's why you can't push start a modern car with a dead battery, like you could in the old days with permanent magnet generators.  The exciter circuit often gets its juice from the ignition switch, but it's not high amperage, just enough to tickle the magnets, but it has to juice them before the starter is engaged and constantly until the engine is turned off.  There should also be a wire from the ignition switch to the diesel pump, which has a cutoff solenoid which stops the fuel to turn off the engine.

OTOH, if it has an old fashioned permanent magnet generator, sometimes used on diesels to keep them simple, it should have only one wire from generator to battery and you have to polarize the magnets before it is installed and that's it.  Alternators often have the regulator built in.  Since it's a diesel, it could have some arcane contraptions to assist it to explode its fuel and a soot trap in the exhaust.

I haven't got greasy fixing  some sort of vehicle for a long time.  I  miss it.

I had a bad day today.  I went out on necessary business, had to go into two buildings full of people, make that three, including this one. Very few were masked.  A few days ago, this area was moved into California's most dangerous category of covid risk.  I can't believe it, most are behaving as if they are not in any danger, nor putting me in it. Fully vaccinated people are getting the delta covid. I have a very bad feeling about this.    Rich

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