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Mark Ransom wrote:

petreluk wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

This is it - This is the differentiator that's going to make or break Pentax. IBIS used to be a differentiator, but it isn't anymore. The OVF and (user experience) is what they're banking on. There are always minor things one system does better than another, but there are usually major differentiators which drive new consumers toward a given system.

We just have to wait a year to find out if the people saying the price is too high are an accurate representation of the market or not. No one on DPR knows that. We'll see if it's true when we see if the camera is discounted

Good point, but isn’t the problem with the OVF that it’s still APS-C and can be bettered simply by moving to FF which these days isn’t likely to be that much more expensive? It depends on what lenses someone has, of course, but I’d guess the third factor here is that Pentax is banking on loyal long-term customers ponying up come what may.

In the case of Pentax isn't it already true that FF and APS-C are the same price - namely the K-1 II and K-3 III? But Pentax got a lot of feedback that FF was not for everybody and they couldn't neglect APS-C so they didn't.

Which pretty well confirms the point that while some may think the K-3III is far too expensive, Pentax are banking in loyal long-term customers ponying up for the smaller format anyway. FWIW I don't think the camera is too expensive, not in the present state of the camera market. It’s price reflects what high-end cameras cost to develop these days in a much-reduced market. However, I think near price parity between FF and APS-C knocks out a lot of the reasons for sticking with a smaller format, mainly except for the extra reach for sports and wildlife for which big lenses are required.

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