Nikon Coolpix A versus Ricoh GR ii/iii

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Re: Some thoughts...

Asla wrote:

Wakest spots of CPA may be slowish autofocus (at least compared to newest cameras). However I have found AF to be extremely reliable, when focus point turns green. In everyday situations AF speed is fine to me.

I use my D5600 when I need to have fast focus, like my grandchildren's sport and dance. The FL 28 mm is not very useful in such occasions anyway.

Its AF is good enough for any other situation, and Yes, kids as well. I have tons of lovely photos of my grandchildren playing and running around taken by the CPA.

Also CPA is prone to dust on sensor, something that even fixed lens cameras can't be immune to. Other users have perhaps impacted more than me, but I can detect some spots in sky, if I push aperture to f11-16.

I have been lucky in not to have dust, or if mine's has, I never noticed. I have been keeping my CPA in a pouch of synthetic fabric. I never put the CPA in my pockets.

What I feel that I should mention also, is that I do not pamper my cameras and my CPA has been through hard times in different bags rolling with keys, phones, rocks etc. And CPA is still going strong.

It is indeed very well built. My CPA had survived a huge drenching of river water when I took it on a jet boat ride. Once the water dried off. It was good as gold again.

So, while I cant compare CPA to GR's, let's just put it this way: CPA has been so good to me, that I haven't seriously thought I'd need to buy GR ii/iii...

Me too. The CPA is the best camera, producing the best IQ that I ever have.

(They both have 28mm eqviv. fixed lens and CPA and GRi/ii have same sensor. Both are similar sized and pretty similar speced). I should also mention, that I use different camera/mount systems, too (ff, aps-c, m43). While using other cameras/systems, I often still slip CPA with me just for some "easy" keepers.

I have the CPA in my carry bag all the time, wherever I go.

As it is easy to make good photos eit CPA! I might do with CPA as my only camera, altough that would mean adjusting my photography somewhat (mainly due losing true macro and telephoto). I have used CPA best for landscapes, cityscapes, travel, pets, kids(!), portraits, formal and informal events (CPA IS pretty silent!) etc.

Spot on, it never disappoints.

It is great for low light landscape. The CPA is so light and with no weight overhanging at the front, that I can take handheld long shutter speed shots very successfully. I can easily steady the camera by resting it on anything solid firmly.

I have not used much flash with CPA (I like using existing light), but it works well, as it does with SB-900 and SB-700. Those gear make, however, CPA jolly top-heavy and strange-looking combination. With those I have shot helding flash with left and grip camera with right hand.

I don't use the built-in flash. I always use my SB 400, bounced up or side way, in my indoor shots. The SB-400 doesn't look out of proportion and imbalance on the CPA.

What else should I say? I might pick second CPA just in case: they still can be found new! But my present one works well so no hurry...

Me too. The CPA is my go to camera, unless I need longer zoom.

Hope you got something out of this.

A s l a

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