Issue with exposure pulsing/blooming when recording video

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Re: Issue with exposure pulsing/blooming when recording video

markyboy81 wrote:

I've read about other NX1 users experiencing issues where the exposure changes whilst recording video, even in manual mode when all settings are constant.

I have experienced similar issues but not in manual mode - it's where I have it in shutter priority and the aperture automatically changes, which seems to result in a sort of pulsing and change in exposure. I think this may be more apparent when using an older lens, as it doesn't seem to happen as much with the S lenses.

Has anyone else experienced this?

If you are using one of the priority modes then the camera is likely at an aperture threshold and opening/closing the aperture in response to small scene changes. That would create the pulsing effect since stuff like ISO and aperture change in steps, not smoothly.

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