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john isaacs wrote:

Krusty79 wrote:

How about some Friday fun?

About 5-7 years ago, I believe, some member here posted a link to a brilliant piece of satire on trolling photography forums. Unfortunately, I cannot find the link anymore and I didn't copy and paste the article somewhere I could save it.

If anyone has the link or has access to the full article, I would love to read it again. I know some of the content is slightly dated. Here is what I remember from the article (I am paraphrasing what I remember).

"Trolling a photography forum is a balancing act. You should intersperse trollish comments, but also display enough photographic knowledge that some will take you seriously.

Go to a DSLR forum and announce DSLRs are dead.

Go to a MFT forum and announce MFT is dead.

Go to a Canon forum and say you are selling your gear and switching to Nikon.

Go go a Nikon forum and say you are selling your gear and switching to Canon.

Pentax users are a very insecure lot, due to their tiny market share. Go to a Pentax forum and announce you are switching to any other brand.

Misstate something about equivalence and insist others don't know what they are talking about.

The article also mentioned something like the "deep bowels of the internet" and DPS was mentioned!

So, if anyone remembers more about the article or has a working link, I would be grateful.

Photography forums are dead! (smiley face)

Not dead yet but definitely slowing down. Check the age of the last post on the first page compared to a few years ago.

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