The end of the compact camera

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Re: The end of the compact camera

tbcass wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

...and then eventually leads into another twilight zone of phones vs cameras scenario...yawn!


And the same 3 or 4 keep the drumbeat going. This violates one of the new offenses. "Being a stuck record".

What about repeatedly saying they aren't dead...or repeatedly saying that one is tired of others saying so and so? Doesn't that also violate the stuck record rule?

That's not the same thing. I don't initiate posts claiming compact cameras are better than smartphones. I and others are responding to people claiming the demise of compact cameras.

Ok, so it's ok to be a stuck record when responding. Got it! Oh wait...where do the rules permit this exception?

If it wasn't for that I would hardly ever comment on them. Besides, you've been a DPR member for only a month. How could you possibly know anything about what I have said about smartphones in the past unless you used to use a different alais?

You do realize that it is possible to read this site without becoming a member? I encourage you to think about whether accusing someone of multiple aliases is in keeping with the #1 rule to be nice...

Don't get me wrong--it's not my first inclination to be a net nanny. In fact, I don't think it's a good look. I'm only asking you this because you brought up the rules.

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