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straitouttahell wrote:

yray wrote:

I’m thinking Nikon will do themselves a favor if they keep DSLR line going, even if slimmed down to just a couple of models, for a while longer. They still have a dedicated following heavily invested in this mount, which probably will still be alive and kicking, and refreshing bodies and lenses for another decade or two.

In ML they are just also-runs with no obvious advantage over the competition.

I’m actually curious what would have happened if Nikon were releasing their ML in both F and Z mounts. Same exact models. Would be a nice test of the new mount viability, but then, obviously, they wouldn’t be able to push new expensive lenses on the early adopters.

That's a kind of comment I stumble upon every so often.

According to which, Nikon's future should depend on those users who just want to buy another one or two bodies in the rest of their lives and hang on to those half-century old lenses

Those are Nikon’s best users. The remainder falls into two categories: those who buy a cheap kit and never bother to buy another lens, and those who’re always looking for the latest and greatest because photography for them is all about technology. That latter group is the most vocal around here but might be somewhat underrepresented in the real world.

I'm not sure that is going to keep Nikon alive for a long time.

If they stayed with the F-mount they could have their cake and eat it too. Don’t tell me you can’t make a good lens in F mount. Nikon has done it, and Sigma has been really pushing  the envelope. But of course it is much more attractive to start selling the same lenses all over again at jacked up prices in the whole new mount. If this is how you want to spend your income, that’s your prerogative, but I will pass.

Nikon is making the best lenses they ever released, thanks to Z-Mount. With FTZ, you can use everything from AF-S on. Even old AI lenses enjoy a second youth, thanks to live view and focus peaking.

The way AI lenses enjoy a second youth they may enjoy it with any other ML brand with the dumbest of adapters. The only difference will be they won’t record your aperture in EXIF.

The only ones who were left behind are the AF-D owners. Ouch.

Ouch? Their 85, 105, 135, 180 AF-D are anything but. And I can probably think of a few more.

I wouldn't say Nikon didn't to well with their Z cameras. Those who are invested in F mount have a good chance to keep using what they have using the adapter.

But why? Why would I want to  buy a new body and an adapter if the older body is already so good, needs no adapter, and has a superior viewfinder, battery life, ergonomics and controls, etc.

As per AF-D lenses owners, that's probably about time they upgrade. Newer lenses are better.

The question is: are they better enough to make a noticeable enough difference in practice to justify the exorbitant expense. In other words, would anyone notice? I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

The irony of this is the one technology in ML that would actually be useful for those old lenses, IBIS, is being put into cameras which don’t support those lenses.

And Nikon isn't probably going to stay alive just by selling one or two more bodies to those customers in the next 20 years.

You can say they reached a plateau with DSLRs, but this will happen to ML too, only much faster. Once everyone agrees that AF is passable and battery life is passable, what next? Try to sell a few more pixels by getting people excited? At best ML is a temporary shot in the arm which won’t solve the fundamental problem: for most people cameras and lenses are already good enough.

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