The end of the compact camera

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Re: Not dead.... but now a very different market

Guy Parsons wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Fortunately, I plan to remain in the minority. My phone is useful for documenting where I parked my car or for casual snapshots, but for any sort of serious photography I want an ILC or a high end large sensored compact. But that is just me. Others will disagree.

I'm in same leaky boat.

Recently bought a smartphone only so I could log into shops and venues during Covid lockdown stress (Sydney). Hate it for phoning, hate it for photos, hate it for it's clunky size. Spends most of its time forgotten on a shelf and often forget to take it on the rare occasions out of the house.

Previously spent years trying to find the "perfect" compact camera to complement/backup my M4/3 gear. Casio did splendidly but their range of 1/2.3 and 1/1.7 inch sensors left night shots a disappointment, otherwise were the perfect day cameras. Sensibly they saw the writing on the wall early and stopped making consumer cameras despite always being a big seller in Asia.

So the quest led me to the Sony RX100M6 and it's definitely a good enough camera to take only it for a holiday (or day out). At worst it is the easy to use camera to share the photo load with the M4/3 gear.

As I get older and ever more creaky I suspect that the M4/3 little shoulder bag will be used even less and the good 1 inch sensored compact will be the only camera I carry. That darn smartphone can rot at home.

The thing that worries me about the RX100 is how tiny it is. Have you ever pressed two buttons at once because of its size?

In the library, they have those oversize print books, which are several times larger than the regular ones, for the people with bad eyesight and shaky hands.

An RX100 like that--almost no heavier, but much larger,  could do well. It would be like holding a hollow cardboard box, and when dropped, would probably float to the ground slowly as well.

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