Would you recommend a GX8 in 2021?

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Re: Mechanical exposure compensation dials

DrHook59 wrote:

I've never used the EC dial on my GX8. I shoot in M 99% of the time and the front and rear dials are more intuitive to use anyway.

Yes, I think they are a bit like putting chromed tail fins on a family sedan for stability control.

Retro Fashion is cool …. by the way, what is exposure compensation? …. About sums it up.  Especially in this auto-everything age.

Good clean design means keeping dials, wheels, and buttons to the minimum necessary for full control.  If the camera does it well electronically it is hardly necessary to “improve it”  by adding an encumbrance that clutters up the top plate - the same goes for retro. mechanical shutter speed dials.  Even top plate lcd readout is debatable when you can get the same information in your evf (or lcd if you insist on using it).

But of course if you cannot think of anything new to help sell your stuff - go backwards (retro) as it is surely a nostalgia trap. Even if it is hardly practical or necessary.

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