Olympus at the Olympics?

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Well, I thought I'd ask!

InTV footage has anyone seen the 150-400 lens. A couple of years ago Olympus were targetting the 2020 games I wonder if it came to fruition.

Panasonic and others did invest hugely in sponsoring the Olympics. They choose to write it all off, rather than see their good name tarnished by being seen associated by the unpopular games. Most Japanese would have preferred the games be postponed or cancelled. Hospitals are close to collapse in Tokyo.

Canon is a Japanese company too. Their cameras are everywhere. Could it be they have the best gear for sports at the moment?

The games haven't been popular with the home audience and some Japanese companies have faded out of view but this is mostly advertising that is disappearing. If someone wants to use a Oly/Panny/Sony/Nikon camera the manufacturer cannot stop them.

Someone has to shoot photos and video of the games. All the makers of this gear are Japanese. In the end the people using the gear choose what they shoot with, not the camera companies, although there certainly are sponsorship deals etc.

Nikon really isn't there with the Z system yet for this level of sports.

You don't see Oly/OMD or Panny still cameras on the sidelines because they simply do not have the gear to shoot stills for top level sports.

Sony being MIA does seem a bit strange. I can see why most would choose Canon over Sony for sports but I'd think you'd see a few Sony's scattered about. I'll pay closer attention tonight to what's being used on the sidelines.

Nikon is there testing the Z9 and Canon is there with the R3. Both also, of course, have their professional services there.

Recognised pro user of their brand: get huge amounts of support.  Get the best locations, use of the very best gear.

This sells lots of lesser gear to us wannabes who make our own way and most likely will never be able to afford the gear that the professionals get to play with.

But would we give up all our daily security for the life of a professional? Not so sure of that, I will stick to being a wannabe with limited horizons.

The difference with being an amateur using our own funds with no commercial intent is that. We get to choose our own subjects, time and place.  Missing the great shot is a nuisance and not a disaster.  ….  And there is always our lucky shots for bragging rights.

I didn’t want to be a tennis star either

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